Work Samples

Real Fans Sports Network (part of America Online)

As part of a startup company in 1996, I developed the voice and programmed the content for a sports site that was acquired by AOL in 1998. View the history of the company and the content ideas generated. (Overview)

User Persona Project for

In preparation for the redesign of the Deloitte Careers site, I researched and created 10 user personas of typical Deloitte Careers site visitors. (Project Overview)

Repositioning of Deloitte Insights Podcast Program

In 2008, I led a project to reposition and re-launch Deloitte’s podcast program. User research led us to a decision to shorten the program and create a shorter program that met user needs more fully. (Case Study)

Content Matrix Sample

As part of a project to redesign a Website for a telecommunications company, I led a content migration to a new CMS. I created a content matrix to lead that effort.

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