User Personas for Deloitte

User Persona Project for Deloitte Careers Site (

In preparation for the redesign of the Deloitte Careers site, I researched and created 10 user personas of typical Deloitte Careers site visitors. The visitors ranged from college students to MBA students to experienced career professionals. An example of one of the personas I created is below.

The creation of the user personas led us to the conclusion that we could group the site visitors into two large groups, student candidates and experienced hire candidates. Within each group was a large subset of personas, but it was a starting point for a new strategy of tailoring content to the two distinct groups. With the Information Architect, we created a new home page with the two separate paths to content for those groups. The selections on the new “gateway” home page created cookies that helped localize the ensuing student or experienced hire page based on Country and Language selection.

The New Home Page

New Experienced Hire Main Page (localized content by language, country)